Human Resources Consulting

Human Resources Consulting

Beco Logistics Solution creates an enabling environment with appropriate flexibility and functionality of a program to adapt to changing needs of the population that it served. Our human capacity development is that of maximizing people's potential to contribute to development by participating fully in all its activities.

Through Our capacity building, individuals and groups are empowered to expand their abilities to fully participate in the development process whereby governance, leadership, mission and strategy, administration (including human resources, financial management, and legal matters) are improved thereby achieving the organizational goals and objectives.

Capacity building has typically been defined as the development and strengthening of human and institutional resources. It is acknowledged that our process needs to go beyond the public sector, as it is also influenced by entities in the private sector including commercial enterprises and nongovernmental organizations. Capacity is defined as "the ability to perform functions, solve problems, and achieve objectives" at three levels:

1. Individual
2. Institutional
3. Societal

At *Beco Logistics Solution*, we recruit and train individuals in every area of our business to enable them function and carry out their activity properly in the organization.

We train you on:

·         Public Speaking: you will be trained to be out spoken in your speech in public, managing your audience

·         Presentations: Most people can talk but can’t present. That is why at Beco Logistics Solution, we trained

·         Team Management:  One is not a number and can’t achieve much but if you want to do anything of value team work is required. At Beco Logistics Solution, you will be though how manpower can be manage and coordinated as a team by working together in other to achieve more

·         Time Management: At Beco Logistics Solution we don’t spend or waste time rather we manage our time because we understood the importance and power of time


*Human Resources Development for Clients*

Our HR Consulting Services encompasses a broad spectrum of HR disciplines designed to provide HR expertise that supports the success of your organization. Our delivery of consulting services is based upon timely execution of agreed upon deliverables and performance results.

We offer to our clients practical, sensible HR solutions that help them achieve their business objectives in ways that are consistent with their culture. We not only provide recommendations and solutions but help our clients implement to gain maximum value. Our clients appreciate our experience in providing straight-forward advice in a collaborative relationship

As your business is expanding, identifying and finding key people to run your business can be extremely time consuming and challenging. This is especially true for businesses. We have many years’ experience in helping clients to identify and recruit staffs that will add values to your organization and go on to contribute to the on-going success in our
client/partners organization.
Let the experts in our organization handle your Human Resources section and help your organization fine the right candidates

Spend more time running your company! Leave the HR to our certified and degreed human resource professionals. Understanding and implementing ever changing labor laws and regulations can be a daunting task. It is more important now than ever to have someone in your corner that is a true specialist in human resources outsourcing.

Our HR Consultants work with and protect your business: We function in 3 promising ways Knowledge:

   - Manages the entire staffing process: recruits, screens, interviews, tests and selects employees to fill vacant positions throughout organization
- Writes recruitment advertisements for posting in newspapers, internet and other recruiting sources
- Teams with vendors such as placement agencies, temporary agencies, background investigation firms, law firms and others to enhance the recruiting process
- Conducts exit interviews with departing employees and compiles and reports trends to management for action
- Represents organization at employment -related hearings and other investigations
- Guidance in correctly advising and categorizing Exempt vs. Non-exempt employees
- Advising management on how to properly interviewer candidates
- Developing appropriate job descriptions
- Participating in unemployment hearings on your behalf
- Tracking vacation, sick leave, and paid time off


- Ensuring proper record retention policies are in place
- Advising proper execution of new hire paperwork
- Guidance with federal and state regulations
- Reviewing your Employee Handbooks or providing a Handbook
- Purchasing up-to-date labor posters and distributing them correctly
- Applying new Healthcare Reform laws to your current procedures


Administering background checks

Drug & Alcohol testing and policy implementation

Managing unemployment claims

Implementing best practices through group/individual sessions by giving you
the best:

Ø  hiring guidelines

Ø  termination procedures

Ø  means of Avoiding harassment in the workplace

For a fraction of the cost of having someone on your staff, you can have a highly trained and reliable specialist working with your company and employees, taking care of much needed HR requirements. Additional savings come from our team of HR Consultants helping to keep your company in compliance with regulations that, if they are not met, can mean thousands
of dollars in fines or litigation.

Workers Compensation Programs

Our Human Resources sector, will manage your claimsInjuries in the workplace are a serious matter. In most cases, an employee will receive benefits regardless of who was at fault. A common mistake is to only deal with claims after they happen. Our team of specialists approach worker compensation management in a different way. First, we try
to address any issues before they happen.

We Will Be Your Workers Compensation Advocate

We maintain a multi-state workers compensation master plan with an A-rated carrier. If someone at your company is injured on the job or gets sick because of workplace conditions, we will manage the entire Workers Compensation process from the time of the incident to their return to work.

- Coordinating directly with your employees and their physicians
- Ensuring all paperwork is completed correctly
- Investigating the incident
- Transitioning injured employees back to work safely and in a timely manner

Return-to-Work Programs

We can design a return to work program that best suits your company and helps to avoid the many common mistakes that are made. Most employers find that this practice saves them money and helps to maintain a stable workforce.
Benefit Administrative Services We are the benefit experts at Beco Logistics Solution. We manage a variety of employee benefits which comes with its own set of challenges. Rest assured, our team of professionals at Beco Logistics Solution, will manage your benefit plans from beginning to end, which saves our clients time and money. Healthcare reform has caused
many changes to how plans may be structured. Fortunately, we bring many years of knowledge and experience to the table and are always up-to-date
with current and new laws, so you don't have to. Not all companies are the same, so we make sure that we put together the right plans that best fits your business.

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