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Payroll Administration Services

We do not simply perform payroll. We completely administer the payroll process from beginning to end in addition to having the knowledge of all the applicable laws that govern compensation ensuring that your payroll and
related taxes are accurate and filed timely.

Payroll Tax Administration

Regulations regarding timely filing of payroll taxes are continually changing. We ensure that all federal, state, and local tax filings are taken care of, Social Security & Medicare and State Withholdings. Our payroll experts may also assist you with government programs that relieve certain tax burdens from small businesses like yours.

Payroll Outsourcing

Our Human Resource Sector performs the services of a payroll manager, payroll administrator, and payroll tax specialist all for less than the cost of a full-time employee.

Audit Protections

We will act on your behalf in the event of an audit. Incidents that fall under Workers Compensation may trigger an audit by a carrier. However, if you choose to be on our master plan, the auditor works with us so you don't have to.
Let our experts at BLS determine, if Workers Compensation management is right for you Defending your company against false claims

Each year, the state determines how much your unemployment tax rate will be calculated by how many claims have been made against your business. The more layoffs you have, the higher your unemployment tax rate will be.

Other than a layoff, a terminated employee's rights to receive unemployment benefits should be analyzed to see if the circumstances warrant a payment. We will ensure that your company is not being charged for false claims.
That's one of the many reasons it's important to have someone like Human Resources, Inc. in your corner to manage your unemployment claims administration.

How we work for you

- Auditing all incoming unemployment claims against your business
- Timely filing of wage reports to state agencies
- Complying with state unemployment regulations
- Ensuring the correct payment amount in taxes to avoid penalties

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