Business Development

Business Development

We offer a complete business development service that will help support and accelerate your entry into the business market.

We provide you business with an instant presence in business market sector, professional representation and expert strategic support and advice – approaching potential clients on your behalf to win orders and contracts for you. Our teams extremely flexible and will, tailor our support to match your business sector and ambitions.

We have experience professionals in business development within and outside the country with an impressive range of industry contacts that will help us to generate leads and opportunities for your business.

Every client is unique; we have represented SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) through to large companies within the business sector. We’re extremely experienced at connecting suppliers with Manufacturers and suppliers, and this includes introducing companies, as niche suppliers, relevant to their
specific product range.

Sectors We Support:

Our Business Development and Financial Education is streamline but not limited to:

- Agriculture/Agropreneurship (Making a sustainable business ventures    off agro- commodities; goods and services
- Human Resources/Human Capital Development
- Business Development
- Financial Management and Investment
- Health Entrepreneurship (Health / Nutritional Consulting)
- Corporations and professional organizations

How it Works

We act as a business development team – initially researching, exploring and identify opportunities for your business, then offering strategic support to advice on the best way forward. Working closely with you we’ll help to develop a business strategy, then generate and qualify new leads before setting up, representing or participating in meetings with prospective clients, to help generate new business.

We can then go on to provide support to you with bid proposals and reviews.
This means acting as your promotional agent, business representative or distributing agent, depending on the business’ need. Our goal is to help expand your business in a cost effective and flexible way.

Our business development service is backed by our full range of consultancy services which can be included as part of our business development service, or on a stand-alone basis.
These services include:

Ø  Strategic Advice and Support

Ø  Market Research and Competition Analysis

Ø  Meeting Setup and Facilitation with Prospective Clients

Ø  Professional Representation

Ø  Support for bids, proposals and tenders

Ø  Company Startup and Hand holding

Ø  Trade Show and Exhibition Support

Ø  Office Setup, HR & Recruitment

Ø  Financial administration

*Why Expand Your Business*

If you are interested in expanding your business and client but want a better understanding of your businesses potential before committing resources, then we are the right business personnel to work with because it can be an expensive exercise expanding your business without a detailed understanding of the differences in trade and industry.

Using our services provides you with instant access to an experienced business development team, who has the local knowledge and experience necessary to increase sales, generate leads and promote your business – at
a fraction of the cost of setting up your own office or business.

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