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BLS works in consultation and in collaboration with farm owners to address their specific needs related to food and agricultural development through the provision of advisory support, fertilizer, technical information and capacity building activities. Our capacity building activities are implemented through field projects and training programmes.

Information and training materials cover a wide range of topics and are distributed both electronically and in hard copy, and target a diverse audience including public and private sector agencies, universities and technical schools, NGOs, researchers, trainers and various actors in the post-production chain. Micro, small and medium scale entrepreneurs, who are the main processors of food and agricultural products in developing countries, are the primary beneficiaries of our direct technical assistance provided at field level.

A broad range of food commodities such as: grains and pulses; oilseeds and nuts; fruits and vegetables; roots and tubers; meat and dairy products; honey and sugar; spices and stimulants, are covered through our trainings and growth enhanced fertilizers.

Our interventions involving non-food agricultural materials seek to create diversification options for small-scale producers and maximize opportunities for employment and income generation offered by the abundant raw materials found in developing countries. Three broad areas are covered:

   - Educate farmers on processing and utilization of residues, by-products    and wastes produced in processing operations further upstream in the value    chain. Examples include: rice straw and husks; sugar cane bagasse; animal    hides, skins and hair; and organic wastes for biogas production and natural    manure.
- Industries for processing natural fibers.
- Production of bio-energy from oil crops, sugar and starch crops.

Our aim is to educate the farmers in every aspect of management through our numerous seminars and fertilizer support. We believe, through these training our real farmers will be benefited in terms of production and profit as well.

Because each farm is unique, our group's policy aims not only to provide farmers with suitable products but also to offer specific programs with respect to crop needs, by taking into account collected farm data (soil and forage analysis, previous crops, production targets, various constraints.

We at BLS add value to and increase demand for farm outputs, thereby contributing to poverty reduction and food security in rural areas. We provide employment opportunities in off-farm activities such as handling, processing, packaging, storage, transportation and marketing of food and non-food agricultural products.

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